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Weekly Menu Plan May 2013

We are on the go a lot this week.  Due to not begin at home, I am not going to plan a menu.  Instead, I thought I would share several posts from the past.  Often, when I post our meal plans, I also talk about related topics.  Over time, these can be ‘hidden’ by newer posts or forgotten all together.  They still hold good information and I have enjoyed re-reading them.

While I am not posting a meal plan, I am going to be taking advantage of some previous planning.  Some of the muffins in the freezer will be taken along for snacks or a quick meals.  I am pretty sure we will be cooking with friends at some point, but will take it as it comes recipe wise.  This is where I am happy to have a Plan To Eat account, even if I am not at home I have access to all my recipes.

Sun Dried Tomato Soup

Talking about saving money on your grocery spending:

Comparing The Numbers

Comparing Savings

Comparing prices, bulk vs. smaller containers

Saving Without Clipping

10 Ways I Waste Money


Talking about trying new recipes:

In Search Of A Great Tomato Soup Recipe – I found one or two that we really liked, and I was amazed at how simple it can be to make this dish homemade rather than store bought.  One thing I wish I had done is to have marked which turned out to be our favorite.  Oops.

Review of (3) New Recipes – some times a recipe turns out great, other times not so much.  Here are 3 recipes that I thought we would love.  One proved, yet again, that the taste buds of my husband and I are different.

Next Round Of Recipes To Try – slow cooker version

Tea Party Recipes and Review – this is something I have enjoyed doing and hope to do again soon.


Talking about … miscellaneous

Showing Love

How I Came To Eat Beans

Using what you have – Apple Muffins, Apple Jam and Diced Apples

Monthly Meal Planning

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
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