A Peak Into Our Day – construction, therapy, yard work, ‘new’ clothes and boyish fun

Yesterday was a going to be a busy day, that much I knew right from the beginning.  What it turned into was a day of non-stop action.

The schedule said that swim team practice was the first thing of the morning.  However, at 7:54 a.m. with my freshly washed hair still wet and unbrushed, the electricians showed up.  Apparently this was to be the day they worked on our house.  Thankfully I was dressed and up (thank you morning routines), so I was able to let them in, and mention a few things I had forgotten the last time I talked to their boss.  Four guys spent the next 8 hours drilling, pulling, attaching, connecting, and all together putting together a puzzle.  This is not always the easiest thing to do in our old house.

electrical work collage

George and Jack thought this was the greatest thing ever.  Jack was actually still asleep when they first came.  This is what happens when little boys think that the middle of the night is the time to be up and talking.  George made the most of new people being here and proceeded to talk their ears off when I said he could watch.  Finally I had to remind him that we watch with our eyes, not our mouths.  The talking slowed a little, but he just can’t help himself.

Jack finally awoke due to the drilling and hammering. So began his day of wanting to do nothing else besides watching the electricians.  Not such a bad thing, except he is a very hands-on kid.  He looks with his hands instead of his eyes, which is not such a great thing when talking about electricity. 🙂

We still had to go to swim practice, only this time we drove.  The plan had been to walk, but it was raining.  Again.  So into the car we went.  While the kids swam I talked with the grandmother of some of the other kids, which is what happens when we all huddle under the one umbrella available.  Usually we are spread out and I read.  This time I chose not to be rude and actually had a conversation.  🙂 Turns out she knows George from pick-up at school, her grandchild was in George’s class.  It was good to compare notes on kids and realized that  mine are, well, normal.

Coming back home, we had an appointment with an insulation contractor.  I thought we had someone lined up, but decided to call a few more to get additional quotes.  We already had 3, but only really only liked the one option.  We also have another contractor coming this morning.  Hopefully these two additional quotes will give us more options.

first schoola used clothes order collage

While at swim practice, a friend let me know that she had received her Schoola order in the mail.  We both had placed our very first orders on the same day, taking advantage of their $15 credit for first time customers.  I do not usually share deals with friends until I have tried a company, but I knew this would be right up her alley and worth the risk of it not working.  Instead, we were both extremely happy with the clothes that came and will be ordering from them again. Shipping is currently free on Schoola‘s site, for a limited time.  You can still get the $15 credit for free if you are a new customer.  This would be a great time to try them out if you have not done so yet.

Between the Schoola order and some hand-me-downs from friends this week, George is all set for this upcoming winter.  Even if he grows into the next size before next summer, which I think will happen, we are ready.  🙂  This is one of the ways I use to keep our kids’ clothing spending.  I rarely buy them new shirts and bottoms as I can find second hand clothes in great shape for $1 – $2 per item on average.

My husband was unable to come home for lunch, so I used it to help my kids practice a Life Skill – making sandwiches. I set out a loaf of bread, jars of PB and jelly, and containers of apple sauce.  Learning to spread things is very important, so I wanted them to practice this skill.  It had noting to do with me not wanting to cook.  Well, maybe a little.  Okay, a lot, BUT they loved it so I do not feel guilty.crafts on front porch therapy

After lunch we had a family therapy appointment.  Family therapy with young kids looks a lot different than what it may if you have older kids.  There is no laying on a couch talking through your problems or sitting in a circle working through issues.  At least, not in our therapy sessions.  The above is what part of the appointment included – making a craft.  We also did a few games and other activities.  What does this accomplish?  Learning to tolerate following directions, asking permission, and letting someone help you.  It also helps the boys learn to slow down as they are often running high.

Think of ‘high’ in terms of a car.  High would  mean an engine that is running at full speed.  This is not bad if you are running a race but it is bad if your car does this all day, or if you are driving down the highway where you are expected to go ‘just right’.  It is also bad if there is a curve ahead that you need to change gears in order to make it around without crashing.  If the kids are also running ‘high’ we have more crashes (tantrums, disobedience, fights, arguing, etc.) in our day.

Our therapist is so calm that he almost puts me to sleep when he visits.  That is a good thing.  It means that he also has an affect on the kids, though Jack gets very high emotionally when he comes.  I find this interesting as there is nothing about him that would set me off.  He says it is because he pushes Jack to do things he (Jack) does not want to do.  Also that he (the therapist) is not a normal part of Jack’s routine.  Makes sense, but boy is he calm and patient.

Ingedients for Chocolate Chipotle Chili #2

The electricians were still working when the therapist left.  I had supper to make and laundry to work on.  I was face with a decision, it was either let the kids watch t.v. or have them watch (and touch and distract) the electricians.  They got to watch television.

The electricians finished up, a few loads of laundry were washed and dried, supper was made and several other phone calls were made.  My husband stopped by to get supper to go before heading out to class.  Once everyone was gone, I got the kids ready and we headed outside.  The grass had not been mowed in about a 2 weeks, yet it had rained more than 4 times.  It was tall enough that I could have pastured a few sheep on it.  🙂

The kids played in the sandbox while I mowed the back half of the yard.  They only interrupted me about 20 times asking to use the potty, find slugs, wonder why they couldn’t walk along beside the push mower, etc.  Finally, that part was finished and we moved on to the front part of the yard.  We were all hungry and tired, but I wanted to just get this done!  I told them they could play in the wood chip pile with their bulldozers while I mowed.

What ensued was actually two boys playing in sand (it got into hair even) then in the muddy water puddle at the end of the drive, between again trying to run where I was mowing and trying to tattle on each other.  By the time I finished mowing they had moved on to dumping muddy water on each other and my car.  Thanks kids.  I was so ready to go in that the mower is still sitting outside.  I marched two boys into the house and straight to the shower.  I washed them off, had them get pajams on and fed them supper.  For kids who complained that they did not want, nor like, chili they each had 3 helpings. 🙂  Teeth were brushed and boys were put to bed. 10 minutes later and all was extremely quiet in my house.

I think we were all exhausted at the end and very ready for bed.  Even I fell asleep folding clothes in front of the t.v.  🙂  Today is a bit calmer, but still a lot going on.  This is how our life has been these past few months, the crazy comes in waves.  You take the calm when you can get it, knowing that it will all come to an end eventually.

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