It’s Coming Together – This Week In The Garden – June 19, 2015

birds eye view of garden june 2015


A “This Week In The Garden” post has not been done for quite a while.  There just did not seem to be much happening.  Then suddenly I turn around and there is a lot to do and a lot seems to be happening.  While there is still A LOT to do still, here are some of the goings-on.

Actually, my garden is coming along … perfectly imperfect.  🙂

  • The raised bed nearest the garden shed – I thought those were three zucchini plants I planted along the edge, and they were.  However, what came up was 1 zucchini plant and 2 vining plants of some sort.  The seeds in the compost had not decomposed all the way, which I knew.  However, the chances that something were to sprout in the exact spot I planted something else was not very likely.  As small plants you could not tell them much apart.  However, while being gone last week it seems my garden decided to explode! and now you can obviously see a difference.  For one, the vines are … vining.
  • A random seed must have gotten out when I added the compost, because there is also a vine growing between the far left raised bed and the one to its right.  At this point, I figure it is growing toward where grass does not grow, so I will let it go and see what it produces.
  • I still have not found the charger for my weed-eater and it has been raining nicely at least once a week since the beginning of grass growing season.
  • The clematis on the left edge of the pictures, along the deck, also exploded with growth while I was gone.
  • For some reason, 3 rows of singles have come off over the past few years.  Only those rows.  Not sure what is up with that.  For about $400, which is what the contractor doing the major work on our house quoted us to re-shingle the whole shed roof, I can live with 3 missing rows for a while longer.  Anyone know a young adult needing some extra money who knows how to replace shingles.planting peppers collage
  • One bed still needs to be fenced.  However, I planted it with about 18 hot pepper plants.  If the rabbits and squirrels really want them right now, then I will let them have them to their hearts content.  These were plants that I either had to get planted or try to give away.
  • So much for the decision to not plant tomatoes this year; I can get them cheap enough at the produce auction.  And so much for the revised decision to plant ONLY cherry tomatoes this year, so we will have them for our salads.  I am now the proud owner of about 15 various tomato plants, and a few volunteers.  Yeah, they are sort of like cats, they multiplied when I was not looking.radish banana pepper collage
  • The middle bed above is the strawberry bed that I left covered too long.  With the extra space I planted radishes, which have done better than in any other spot I have tried them in.  In the past week I gathered two bunches, which did not last long as I love radishes.  No one else does, but that is okay.  I am allowed to grow things that not everyone in the house likes.flats of flowers salvia dahlia collage
  • Yesterday, between rain showers I planted not only the the peppers above, but also a few flats of flowers.  Most went into the front flower bed, but a few found their way into open spaces among the vegetable plants.  These flowers really should have been planted early last week, but with getting ready to go camping it was not high on the priority list.  Once they got planted, I had to dead-head them so they will grow new flowers soon.  The dahlia, on the right above, will be planted along the new portion of the garage. There is a lot of sun shine, as that is also where we had two trees taken, and currently no landscaping. Well, unless you count the tree saplings that are root sprouts of the trees, and those are weeds, not landscaping.  🙂 small black snake collage
  • Last week, we had an unexpected visitor at our place.  I was mowing the grass when I saw a stick move into the daylillies.  Knowing what it was, but wanting to identify it before the kids came out to play, I (carefully) looked for it.  This little guy was camera shy but I finally got a shot of him.  Turns out he was just a black snake.  No worries and I told the kids to leave him alone, let him do the job he was created to do – eat mice and other small rodents.