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DSC_0461aqThe above photo has nothing to do with this post.  I just like it.  🙂

I am supposed to be outside mowing the grass, trimming limbs, laying down weed barrier, and spreading wood chips, all before rain comes.

If little boys do not listen, Mama gets tired.  When we are tired we takes naps.  Therefore, it is nap time now for little boys.  Meanwhile, Mama is cleaning to lower her blood pressure.  Cleaning in the form of throwing things away brings peace that lasts beyond 10 minutes after nap time.

My little boys really are not little anymore.  However, at times when they respond and act like 2 year olds, it is hard to forget that.  This happens when they are tired, we have had too much going on in a day, or the schedule changes suddenly.  Is this ‘normal’ kid behavior?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that this is my life and we have been stressing self-discipline and restraint more.

It is a process.  (Look at the picture above, ignoring utility poles, and breath.  Again and deeply.  Exhale.  Repeat as needed.)

lionAgain, not related to post.  Just like the look of laying in the shade of a tree and resting.

Yesterday we had an impromptu visit in the afternoon with some friends.  I enjoyed getting to visit and the kids enjoyed a swim and playing in the backyard.  One of the reasons I like these friends so much, is that neither they or I feel the need to impress each other.  However, at one point I did clean their bathroom. Why? Because that is what friends do when their children make a mess of things.  (I could not in all honesty NOT clean it. That would have been unhealthy.) 🙂

Vanille coffee shop

Ooh la la, my husband just handed me a glass of “home-made” frappuccino.  Technically it is a mixture of ice cream, milk, and Old Orchard Iced Coffee Café Mocha (concentrate from the freezer section).  At the cost of <$2 per glass, it rivals anything a coffee house makes AND without the drive to Big Town.

Okay, that was not an advertisement, just a clarification in case you wanted to make some too.

‘Nap time’ is over.  I think I am going to give in on outside time today and let them watch movies while I go out.  It is in the upper 80’s and humid, so not exactly a day for them to run around.  Well, unless you are looking for over heated kids.

yard sale collage

Stopped by some yard sales yesterday.  The first resulted in a laundry basket.  It was not marked for sale, but I figured it would not hurt to ask.  She agreed to sell it for $1.  When I asked a question to clarify, making sure we were talking about the same basket, she lowered it to $0.50.  Lesson – it never hurts to ask, but please be polite about it.

The second – fourth were actually neighbors having sales at the same time.  Jack got a $0.25 shirt out of it, but does not know yet as he was disobeying at the time so had to stay in the car.  Also picked up a 1/2 price bag of kids cups that match the ones we use – $0.50.

The last yard sale, though, was the best in terms of getting what I was looking to buy.  Jack likes different pants than George, so I try to fill in what will be needed when he gets to that size of hand-me-downs with the kinds he likes.  The last sale added – a set of PJs, a hoodie, a t-shirt, 4 pairs of pants, 40 page projectors, and 30 index dividers all for $5.  Again, it never hurts to ask – the items were marked such that it would have been around $8.50 for it all.  It was the end of the day and I knew I had a $5 bill on me.  I offered, they accepted.  Jack is now good on pants for the winter.  (This is how I keep our clothes shopping prices low, have an idea of what you have/need and be on the lookout for good deals all year long.)

Once I was done looking, I let George see if there was anything he wanted to spend his 2 quarters on.  Meanwhile, I stopped to look at the “free” box and picked up a vest (for dress-up) and 3 more pairs of pants that just needed a good washing (no holes or zipper issues).

Weeping cherry tree stumpI mentioned having wood chips to spread.  They came from a few trees we had cut down last week.  I asked the guys to leave the chips, which they kindly did.  They may not be the fanciest looking wood chips, but they will break down all the same.  Oh, and they were FREE which I love.

These particular trees also have a scent to them, one that is not necessarily pleasant, but which also helps identify them if you scratch the bark during the winter.  The wood chips still have the scent, which makes for some less than ideal smells by the driveway right now.  A few rains and it will go away.

Speaking of rain … the boys are quiet and calm, so I am going to head back out and see what I can accomplish.  Later tonight I will post the meal plan for this week.

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