Garden Update- vegetable plants, grass seed and the shade garden

this week in the garden october 2 2014The garden is starting to come along.  My green bean plants are coming up, as are the cucumbers, radishes, and zucchini.  The spinach, okra and sweet peas have not appeared and I am thinking they may need to be replanted.  Several of my herbs have also not appeared.  With rain expected several days this week, I plan to try a second around of plantings.

The grass I seeded most recently is coming up great.  I am attributing this to having spread more seeds than I might normally combined with the rain that followed.  I am hoping to do the same again this week with some other bare spots.  Rain is so much better for plants than the water from the spigot.

This year has also been a reminder as to how dry the past years really have been.  We have had actual Spring rains.  It is amazing what this done for  your plants and garden.  Not only have we had Spring rains, it has kept raining.  The past several years found us drowning in water, only to have it not rain again for 3+ months.  That makes it hard to grow a good crop, unless you are willing to irrigate and pay the higher water bill.

I have been posting more on Facebook. If it ever seems quiet on here, check there for any updates or shared articles.  It is quicker, and easier, to post there if I only have a few minutes or am on my phone.

blackberry bush

The picture at the top is from last Fall, not right now.  While the trellis for the tomatoes is up, there are no tomatoes that tall yet.  I also have the tiki torches up to drape bird netting on soon.  The blackberry plants are blooming, so I really hope berries will follow soon.    The above picture is from one of my two starter plants last year.  Now, they have filled in the space nicely and are looking fabulous.  There is still a noticeable difference between the size of the plants on one end of the bed (where there is just a bit more shade) compared to the other (where there is almost no shade).  Sometimes it really is a matter of moving a plant just a few feet one direction for it to explode in size.

strawberry plants may 6 2014

The strawberry plants have green fruit on them, so I need to get that netting installed in the next few days.  First, though, I have to finish fencing around the bed.  I am about 4 feet shy of it being finished.  I used old fencing to block the gap, hoping it would at least keep our the rabbits.  I was late removing the winter covering from the plants because I had no fencing up.  This meant the plants got a later start growing and several did not make it.  Seems my problem of too many plants last fall was solved without me having to choose who stays and who goes.  Once production declines, I am going to start the bed on a rotation, removing the old plants from a forth of it and allowing the runners fill that area in with new plants.

shade hosta forest garden


I spent Monday afternoon in the area I plan to put in a shade garden.  The choice was to go outside or stay in the house and do something.  The family decided for me, as my husband needed to do some homework and the kids were rambunctious.  Outside it was.  I was not sure how far along in the process I would get, but chose to just start.  First came the edging.  I had planned to have it curve, making it look more natural.  However, I did not want to take out places where grass was actually growing well, and there were a few trees in the way if I went the other direction.  After digging the trench for the edging, I decided I did not like how it tied into the existing edging.  So I dug a new trench.  It is straighter than I liked, but over all it looks better.

By the evening half of the weed barrier was installed, it was covered with leftover straw I had here at home, and a row of hostas was planted.  The hostas I planted were actually 5 I had bought from the produce auction.  When I began planting I noticed that I could divide what I had, thereby making 10 plants instead of 5.  They  may be a bit on the smaller side now, but by this time next year they should fill out beautifully.


The expected rainstorm came through today, though it did not produce as much rainfall as I thought.  It was still enough to give the grass seed its first watering and a drink to the garden plants.  I am headed out to continue working on the shade garden.  Not sure if I will get it finished today, but I am hoping to make great progress on it.