Raindrop, water adventure cartoon for kids

I was doing a search for videos to use this summer and next school year, when I came across a video about Raindrop The Builder.  These are the perfect length to add for our breakfast/morning time video routine.

All together there are 26 video about Raindrop and his adventures.  Video are in English or Spanish.

“Raindrop is a cartoon series for kids about water, planet and environment. Educational an funny cartoons. Animated serie for kids, educational and funny animation videos.
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Raindrop is a drop of water. You can find it in the forest, in the river, in the sea and even in your house. Surrounded by his friends, Nimbus, a cloud, and Frosty, an ice cube, he will live many adventures defeating Flu, the evil bactery, in his intent to destroy the environment. These cartoon adventures teach children to respect nature, the environment, and especially to assess the importance to life on the planet is the care and use of water.”