Thrifty Treasures

Sometimes you find things you have been wanting without actually looking for them.  Here are some recent examples:

As I have mentioned before, our oven stopped working back in February.  While we have ordered a new one, it will not come in till the middle of May.  These past few months have taught me that an oven is a want, not a need.  We have been able to eat just fine using our stove top, bread machine, grill and crockpot.  Even so, there are some things we have missed having.

When I saw a toaster oven at a garage sale for $1, I paused.  I was not looking for a toaster oven, but knew this could fill a temporary desire we had for things like pizza, meatloaf, and croissants. The owner had just sat it out, it was dusty, a bit greasy, and there are also two dents on the top.  She said it was used by her daughter in college.  My only concern was if it worked.  She assured me it did.  For $1, I took the chance.

I took it home, cleaned it up with hot soapy water and some scrubbing powder. It was looking much better and almost new. Later, I looked it up online and found that it is $70 new!  Last night we tested it out with great results. It even fit the 12″ pizzas we had in the freezer. I had not realized how much Jack has missed having pizza till I saw the look on his face when he found out what we were going to eat.

yardsale toaster oven thrift

Earlier this week, Jack had an appointment in Big Town.  He did awesome and even did great at a few more stops we had to make before coming home.  One of those stops was at a new Goodwill store.  It may have taken a bit of bribing (gum) to get him to agree to go in, but I think it was worth it.  While we did not find some small electronics, I am looking for things for Jack to learn to take apart, we did find several other items I had been wanting to pick up.

At first I found the two place mats among the dishes. I had been wanting things to add to our playroom walls.

Then we went to check out the kids section for shoes, and ended up finding a triangle and new bag of finger puppets.  A triangle is something we do not have among our musical instrument collection, but would be a nice (quiet) thing for the kids to use while learning to keep a beat.  As for the puppets, it saved me a lot of time trying to make finger puppets from scraps of material I have on hand.

At the items were $.59 each. Not bad at all.  The Titta Djur finger puppets alone would have cost me $5 if I bought them new from the store.  The triangle would have cost $2.50 or more.  My shopping adventures are not always this successful, so I was very  happy when I left the store that day.

goodwill map poster music triangle finger puppet

While at the Goodwill store, I saw another toaster oven.  This one was smaller and cost $8.  That was not a bad price, but it was not worth it for me.  Not only was it smaller, but the risk of it not working was not worth $8 for me.  If the $1 oven I found at the garage sale did not work, I was going to give it to Jack to take apart.  That really was what I was looking to buy.  As I said, this was a want, not a need.

Just like the shelves I found along the curb, sometimes the things you wait on will find you.  Keep your eyes open and think creatively, you never know what you will find.

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