This Week’s Events – sickness, homeschool, yard work

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Nope, no meal plan this week. ¬†I am not sure if you even missed it. ūüôā ¬†For several reasons I decided to wing it. ¬†Yup, living on the edge over here. ¬†Okay, more like: 1) I have been sick, 2) the kids are sick and not very hungry, and 3) we are leaving Thursday morning and will be gone the rest of the week.

This sickness is getting very old.  George started it a week ago Sunday, but his fever lasted all of one afternoon.  Then Jack got sick on Tuesday and has yet to recover.  His fever lasted two days, but the lack of energy and cough are hanging around.  I really thought he was getting over it, then he slept 13 hours last night and took a 3 hour nap mid-morning.  At least he woke up in a much better mood.  To say it was a rough morning would be a vast understatement.

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With George home on Spring Break, through today, I decided to take two day this week and give him a taste of what homeschooling Jack is like.  I always get a kick out of him feeling like he somehow missing out on something magical by having to go to public school.  Jack, on the other hand, feels like he is missing out by being home schooled.  A perfect case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.

Yesterday I took both the boys to Big Town for a study aimed at kids.  Usually George misses out on these due to being in school.  While eating breakfast we reviewed telling time and watched a few YouTube videos on this topic. (When I told George that we had just done Math work, he was so surprised.  It never occurred to him that this could be what school was like.) In the car we listened to The Brinkman Adventures, talking about various topics they mentioned.  When we got home, I set up Reading Eggs for each boy and had George read a book aloud to me.  He was excited to find that he could read one of our easy readers much easier than he could last time he tried.  It was still a struggle toward the end, but the pride he had was undeniable.

Today is a day at home, so I explained to George that this is how we usually do school when Olaf is not here. ¬†I gave him is own clipboard with a few activities – cutting practice, book to read aloud, and some addition flash cards. ¬†As he is in the 1st grade, the items I gave him were slightly more advanced than what I give to Jack. ¬†We also practiced telling time to the half hour, listening to half a chapter of Story Of The World and some poems while coloring. ¬†The boys also finished up their Reading Eggs¬†lessons from yesterday. ¬†We missed calendar work, as I have not printed off this month’s yet and probably won’t. ¬†I did show him my yearly planner and we talked about how the weeks repeat. ¬†It was at this point that I realized this is something we are going to have to review this summer with George.

Jack was having a very rough morning (see the first section above) and got sent to his room several times. ¬†Finally, he stayed there and fell asleep. ¬†This did make ‘school time’ more … chaotic than normal, but it calmed down.

George goes back to public school Wednesday, but will be missing Thursday and Friday as we are headed out of town for a homeschool convention in Ohio.

Leaves leaf pile

Knowing that we were going to be gone and that the weather called for rain, I took the few minutes of free time here and there, the first few days this week, to do some yard work.  I added compost to two of the raised beds, blew leaves that had been left from last fall, and added grass seed to a small part of the front yard.

The leaves were blown under the trees in our front yard, where I plan to put in a shade garden. ¬†Later I will add edging, weed barrier and mulch, as well as plants. ¬†For now, I just needed the leaves out of the way of the grass. ¬†ūüôā

The grass seed added was not the full section that needed done, but it was a start. ¬†I am glad I took the opportunity, as we have had several days of rain since then. ¬†I’m hoping it was not too much for the new seeds.

There were two other small things I did that make me feel so much better about walking out my front door. ¬†The first was getting rid of the lights along our walkway. ¬†These were a great find at a yard sale last year … right before the hail storm. ¬†They did not fair well with that storm and have not worked since. ¬†I held out hope that they would somehow miraciously start working again. ¬†That did not happen. ¬†So into the trash can they went.

What I did not plant was a new peach tree that we received last week.  It is sitting on the porch, in the shade, to get it used to the temperatures outside.  With severe storms in the forecast, I thought it better to wait till next week to plant it in the ground.  There is no use in having it break when we just received the replacement for the last one.

Well, that is a peak into what my week contains.  How has your week gone?


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