Finding A Simple Solution

My brain is moving a bit slow, after having an energy draining cold these last several days.  I realized this morning that 1) I did not have specific baskets for “Easter Baskets” set out and 2) the baskets were not hidden with a game to find them. Usually we are visiting my parents and my Mom or sister takes care of this little detail for all the grandkids.

In a moment of desperation, or maybe it was inspiration, I sent the boys off with the instruction to “Get dressed.”. Now, I NEVER send them off to get dressed at the same time.  If I do, this quick activity takes 20-30 minutes, at which point one boy is bound to still not be dressed.  🙂 I needed 20-30 minutes, so off they went together.

I grabbed my stapler, some index cards and the store catalog/magazine for the local hardware store.  A few minutes later I had visual cues for various things in the house.


I did a quick walkabout, placing cards in no real particular order on the items for which I had pictures.

After breakfast and teeth brushing, the boys were instructed to go on a scavenger hunt to fund their baskets.  The last clue led them to the room where they were hidden.

This little game added way more excitement that I imagined.  You would have thought they were looking for a pot of gold, not the modest baskets that were awaiting them.  🙂

This was yet another reminder that you do not have to spend a lit of money to have fun.  We kept the cards and will mist likely reuse them for another activity.